Kayaking in Croatia


So. I’m weird with birthdays and present-giving holidays in general. I don’t like them. They freak me out a bit and no matter what, I always cry. I don’t really know why, but it’s been this way so long as I can remember. Probably has something to do with getting my hopes up with unrealistic expectations (a la Princess Kimberly crowned in jewels) and then plummeting to the extremes when things don’t go as planned. So, as the years have rolled on for G and I, we’ve come away with a couple lessons that help us to make it through without tears.
-No direct mentions of my birthday, singing (or opening of happy birthday cards or emails) on the day preceeding or on the day itself
-No gifts or cards in public places
-LOTS of activities throughout the day with no direct or indirect attention from wait staff or others to draw attention

I fully realise this makes me a bit of a freak, but it works. This year, I shed not a single tear (though there was a slight moment when teary songs were playing at the sunset bar and G tried to give me a card…tisk tisk). YAY G!

Then, today I returned to London, checked my email, Facebook and read my cards and opened gifts. Tear free. Perfect plan.


So, this brings me to the distraction that made it all possible 🙂 11 hours of ferrying and kayaking amongst the Islands of Croatia. A dream holiday thanks to G…and one of the best ever in Europe.

Thanks G.

What’s your favorite birthday regimen?

To see more photos from our Croatian respite, click here.

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