Budapest Holiday: Recently Prune Like

Where did the month go! I haven’t yet finished my thank you notes from our visit to the States and we’re in a new month. Oh, no! Sorry guys!

But, meanwhile I’ll provide a quick update on what we’ve been up to since returning.

First, the U2 concert was really well done. We traveled up to Wimbley for the show and the new stage is remarkable. Really cool to watch the show in the open top stadium on a summer’s night. Thank goodness it was a clear night 🙂 With any luck, G will see my post and add a video from the show.

We also learned how to make our own maki sushi rolls (thanks, Allan!). That was really exciting…now we can have sushi (without feeling guilty) on a lazy Tuesday. Now, we just need to find a London source for sushi grade fish so that we can upgrade from our current Cornish crab line. Come on Otoro (I know…it’s not sustainable 🙁 )!

And, we’ve FINALLY gotten over our aversion to cupcakes following last year’s ‘parade’. We stopped in at our local Chewie’s for one a couple weekends ago. Apparently, their Chocolate cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting has won G over–he’s declared it to be his favorite. Ever! I guess you’ll know where to find us…

22550We headed to Budapest last weekend (a bank holiday weekend here). It’s a lovely city–very livable and the weather is apparently amazing most of the year. The coolest thing there…they have huge indoor/outdoor spa complexes. The water is pumped up from below the surface from their natural hot springs. When the winter weather gets too much for me in London, I often head to the gym’s steam room for a fix of warmth. If I lived in Budapest in the winter, I think I’d turn into a prune from spending too much time at the spa! So nice.

They also have the best food! And these amazing palatial Hapsburg-era complexes that were sold to residents for nearly nothing after the fall of communism (the one our B&B was in is to the right). There’s so little wealth locally that most of the houses are in disrepair, but someday, somehow they’ll be grand again. Investment opportunity anyone?


Oh, one other highlight. G and I have never really been wowed by the various churches and cathedrals during our travels. They just (sorry) generally seem dank and downright dreary. But, wow! The cathedral in Budapest is downright GORGEOUS.  It was completed in 1905, so perhaps it’s just newer than the others that we’ve seen. It’s gilded, but in good taste. A rare find.


And oh, is anyone a fan of Leonard Cohen? Apparently he has tons of fans. A number of bizarre fans stayed in our lovely B&B in Budapest because he was in town for a concert. Nice people flew all the way from Birmingham, Alabama to see him in concert in Budapest (only the second time out of the country!)…and stalked him waiting outside his hotel the day before the concert. They even wrote him a poem. After listening to iTunes, I’ve found I only like his songs when others sing them 🙂 The version of Hallelujah from Shrek’s not bad…he wrote it (though he didn’t sing this version).

Our B&B was amazing. So nice. And affordable. And our host was an absolute dream. He has the BEST taste and made our stay so easy.

Now, we’re back in the grind. Wish me luck on my (K) first race this weekend! I’ll be running a 5k in Hyde Park. It’s a baby race, but given my luck, fingers crossed I don’t break a limb. And next weekend, Tallinn (Estonia) with MBA friends.

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