Maldives: Swimming With The Fishes

“It is a hell of a lot better than going to London Bridge on a Monday morning.” Indeed, this Monday morning was not typical. For one, I can’t recall any time I’ve been awakened by K screaming at six in the morning.



Half dressed in our pajamas, we clung to the edge of the sun deck on our over-water bungalow watching a half dozen pointed fins bob and dance through the water. They followed the edge of the reef, where the water turns from paradise aqua to a majestic blue. It is the same path we snorkeled daily. Ah, if only we were swimming there right now…


But wait. Why can’t we? Quickly trying to think of the cons, all we got were pros. Beautiful morning light. No sunburn. No other snorklers to dodge. Breakfast wasn’t for a couple hours. No waiting for food to digest after breakfast.

Perhaps K found one, “But isn’t it feeding time? What if we run into a shark and it eats us?”

“That’s silly,” I replied. “And that’s better than being eaten by an eel.” K doesn’t like eels–they’re creepy.

With nothing standing in our way, we jumped in our suits, pulled on our masks and fins and descended the stairs from our bungalow down into the cool morning water. As quick as we were, the dolphins were quicker and had passed out of sight. We wouldn’t be swimming with Flipper and his friends this morning. Perhaps tomorrow we should sleep in our swimsuits?


That first snorkel was charmed. We could have been visiting an aquarium with the laundry list of wildlfie we saw during our stay–sea turtle, a ray, varied trigger and banner fish, pipe fish, varied parrot fish, anemones, clown fish, lion fish, barracuda, puffer fish, box fish, tuna, eels (ick!), surgeon fish, manta rays, unicorn fish, almost every fish imaginable for the region. And it was seen just outside our bungalow.  Though, luckily, no shark, yet. 🙂 Though, in the end, we saw three.

Stepping back in time, the highlight of our magical first day was arriving by sea plane. At this point, we have traveled enough that truly unique and novel experiences are getting harder to find. We often draw parallels to previous trips or a combination of other experiences. The sea plane, however, was definitely new.


Out of an endless expanse of sea, we recognized our island through the small porthole of a window. The barefoot piloting duo pointed the nose down at the water. There was no runway or buoys. Only water. I could see it through the front window rapidly getting closer. “Don’t planes usually point the nose up when landing?” I thought to myself. If I hadn’t known better I’d be reaching for the life jacket under my seat.


Our sunsets were so vivid that they rippled like ribbons of brighly coloured sorbet through the sky. And just when we thought we had reached the nirvana of heaven on earth, two shooting stars appeared over our bungalow’s sundeck at night. They literally landed in the sea so close that we could hear the sound of their last moments being snuffed…bringing our most wonderful holiday to a close. Magical.

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