Baked Beans for Breakfast, Anyone?

It is always a nice benefit when hotels provide breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and often overlooked. You don’t generally search out a restaurant for a sit-down breakfast — especially when you are on the go. If there isn’t a convenient place to pick something up, it can easily be skipped.

That is one reason why I was glad that our hotel provided breakfast. I have to admit though, my expectations were low based on previous experience with British breakfast. I was certainly surprised — not only was there a number of hot dishes to choose from, but they included baked beans! Baked beans for breakfast? I had heard that it was one of the top 5 foods over here, but didn’t expect them to be served for breakfast.
It reminds me of a joke I heard once… “Who eats Chinese food for breakfast? About 1 billion people.”

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