Need A Hand With Your Bag?

While riding the tube today on three separate occasions I saw a person with a large bag/suitcase trying to carry it up the steps. Each time someone stopped to help them carry it (or carry it for them in some cases) up the steps.

I thought, “Wow! The people over here must be nice than back at home.” — I have never seen that in New York or Washington DC. We didn’t have a subway in Raleigh, so I can’t compare there. Then again, I only rode the subway occasionally in New York and Washington DC; could it simply be my lack of experience that I haven’t seen this back at home? Or perhaps there aren’t any stairs (probably the case in DC with the metro — I think they are all escalators).

Whatever the case, I it was interesting that I saw this happen three times in one day. What do you think — are Londoners friendlier or is it just coincidence?

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