Last piece in place.

Today we secured a UK bank account and credit card. With these secured, we’ve finally placed the last piece of the puzzle. For those who might follow in our foot steps, a bit of advice. Don’t move without a job offer and acceptance letter. G was lucky in that his firm allowed him to transfer–without a  statement of work and salary, we wouldn’t have been able to secure housing OR a bank account.

If you wish to move without a job and/or Visa, be prepared with at least a couple months’ hotel/living expenses in your US account before moving. We’re still thanking our lucky stars that all has worked out so well–thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers throughout this process.

We move into our apartment tomorrow morning (bright and early). 630 sq. ft will seem quite spacious as compared to our ~100 sq. ft. hotel room. And after so much travel over the last couple months (Cary, Smith Mountain Lake, Annandale, Oklahoma, New York, Bermuda, London Hotel) we’re looking forward to waking up in the night without question of which bed we’re in.

Until tomorrow…

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