Picnic in the Park…


It’s amazing what a difference a few extra degrees makes. If in London today, we would have likely experienced temps in the 50’s. But, luckily for us, Barcelona’s experienced a bit of a warm weekend with temps in the 70’s! It won’t last long, I’m sure…but we’ll enjoy it while we can.

Sunday we visited the Parc de Citudella near Barceloneta. Interestingly, it seems that most of the parks we’ve visited here are more shady than sunny. I’m sure that’s welcome amidst the summer sun and humidity, but for us Londonites visiting in the Spring for a bit of sun, the Citudella’s bound to be a favourite. It’s a bit of vivid green amidst a sea of asphalt and sand and a welcome change on a sunny, but mild day because it’s rather open with lots of grass and sparing shade. We enjoyed a bit of lounging and then headed for the beach.


We settled in for a quick paella and sangria combo at a restaurant with a good view and enjoyed the people watching. Incidentally, the restaurant also provided a good background for portraiture photography. Hence, the shots of G and I shown here.


The plan for Monday morning is to work and study from the beach! Ahhh…how nice it is to be by the sea… [Thank goodness for G's mobile USB key internet! :) ]

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