Christmas Pudding Race

Today, G and I ventured out to see the The Great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden (before I hibernate to study for next week’s exams). I know what you’re thinking…”what is the Christmas Pudding Race” and, more importantly, what is Christmas Pudding. I can answer the first and will do my best to answer the second in a future post.


The Christmas Pudding Race is a fundraising event held every year around Christmas time — with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Teams of 5-6 dress up for the occassion (to win the costume contest) and run about an obstacle course in Covent Garden while trying to balance their Christmas Pudding (a dessert that looks a bit like a round fruit cake). During the race, contestants decorate their Christmas puddings with Mr Potato Head eyes, ears and mouths, bounce with their puds on a moon bounce to reach an huge inflatable slide where they go up and down all the time balancing their puddings. Contestants then decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments, get sprayed with “snow” foam, and must poke a balloon with their holly sprig (used to decorate the puds) before crossing the finish line. It’s a relay race with three from each team starting and tagging their remaining team mates to go as they return.

It was quite funny to see these Christmas puddings bounce all about. Can’t say I’m all too anxious to EAT a Christmas pudding.

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