A Little Bubbly to Celebrate!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been buried in group work…

First was the marketing project, developing and delivering a one-year marketing plan for a client firm. I, and my 6 team members (who have no marketing experience), met with the client the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. After our meeting with the client, we completed and delivered our 10 minute presentation and full marketing plan last Friday. That’s right…we completed a marketing plan that would generally take a month to develop in a week and a half…and it only involved my staying up until 4AM one night. Thank goodness!
Next, today, we submitted our finance project: a review of two stocks with a buy/sell recommendation. My team reviewed two food retail firms in the UK: Sainsbury’s and Morrison. AND, two of my fellow group members and I delivered a 10 minute presentation to overview our process and recommendation this morning.  Of the 10 groups in our MBA program, our group’s presentation was voted the best! We were awarded a couple bottles of champagne to celebrate, but not too soon…we will submit a third project on Wednesday…a review of the Chinese’s efforts to fend off inflation.

Next on the docket: three exams on December 18th and another three on December 20th…Come on Christmas!

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