Emergency Care…Learning About Baby

So, it’s official. We’ve become those boring, annoying people we vowed never to become. Every weekend is taken up by Baby preparations. And we can barely utter a word without Baby somehow finding its way into the conversation. Argh! I suppose it was bound to happen. We had a couple dinners at friends houses over the weekend and I pitied them all 🙂

It’s funny because when someone’s getting married, buying a house, moving house or otherwise, these things also naturally crop up in just about every conversation (trust us, we know!). But, there’s a certain stigma against ‘those people’ who talk about their expected additions non-stop. If only there were a button to make us stop…but it’s impossible. It’s a huge looming change and it’s constantly on our minds. Oh, well…

Though we’ve had loads of adventures over our nearly 10 years of marriage and 14 years together, this is the single most impactful change we’ll have experienced. And it would be irresponsible for us not to prepare ourselves, right?

Keeping with the theme, we booked ourselves into a Baby and Child First Aid course for this past weekend.  During the 8 hour course, we learned how to dress various cuts and scrapes typical in children, treat burns, do CPR on an infant (and small child), clear a choking baby’s esophagus, construct various slings, etc. With any luck, we’ll actually remember what we learned when/if we ever need it. But, regardless, it makes us feel a bit better to have had a brief intro to the basics.

Sweetly, G was called out in front of the class for cuddling his ‘baby’. Poor thing has to wait a whole 4 months before the ‘real model’ arrives 🙂 [I need to start taking photos of these things!]

Today, we had our 23 week check-up. All’s well and baby’s heart beat was strong. And my weight gain continues to be slow and steady (though it has sped up a bit now, as should be the case). And our doctor even gave me tips and advice for dressing during later pregnancy (apparently she’s been through it 3 times, herself). I love the NHS (the UK’s public healthcare system). Though we were well today, our doctor spent a full 30 minutes chatting with us and talking through various things to expect in the coming weeks. It’s so refreshing to have great doctors-especially at the moment.

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