Babymoon in Thailand

So what is this whole babymoon thing anyway? We came across the term a couple years ago and have since discovered two meanings both derived from based on the word honeymoon. It turns out the original meaning is a period of bonding time with the baby after it is born similar to the way a honeymoon comes after a wedding. The second meaning is a relaxing holiday taken by an expecting couple shortly before the baby arrives. This is the definition we are going with as we have learned from friends and family with newborns in the last couple months that the weeks after the baby is born is more like boot camp.

As we approach the last travelable weeks of the pregnancy, we’ve planned a trip to Thailand as our last big trip before the sleepless nights begin. We actually looked at going to Thailand a couple years ago but abandoned our plans. There is so much to do in Thailand that we couldn’t decide what to fit into a single holiday. And Thailand seemed to be a well-traveled and potentially touristy destination. A bit discouraged, we put down the books and opted for some more adventurous trips. But now, planning a babymoon, safe and easy is exactly what we are looking for.

We have settled on two destinations — Chiang Mai, a northern city in the mountains full of culture and activities; and Railay, a beach near Krabi in the south. Hopefully this provides the right mix of culture, activity, sun and relaxation.

We are back and had a fantastic trip. We’ll be bringing you posts, pics and vids over the next couple days.

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