Reflections: 3 Months In

W’s now 12 weeks old!

The last 3 months have gone by so quickly…and we now more fully understand the statement ‘they grow up so fast’. Upon our last post, W was still rather new and we were all still just getting acquainted. Now, we all have grown comfortable with one another and are venturing closer to the ‘new normal’.

So, I’ve been humbled in motherhood. Upon reading the books last winter, we felt that we had it all figured out. We would:

1. Have baby on a schedule within the first month

2. Resist the temptation of co-sleeping and feeding the baby to sleep

3. Never, ever let baby sleep on his tummy

4. Pump enough milk within the first weeks in order to feed baby during the 3 days I would be away in early July (for my sister’s wedding)

These and countless other rules/goals were pushed to the wayside when reality set in. Apparently, rules are meant to be broken and parenthood has a way of humbling us all into knowing that we are no longer in control. We feel confident that we’re making the best choices that we can under the circumstances, but it’s not as easy as the books would make it seem.

That said, we feel so blessed to have little W as part of our clan…he’s a little treasure and we wouldn’t trade him. Just this week he’s found his hands and feet…and, of course, he’s a smiley boy. We’re loving life as a family of three…

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