My Little Sister’s Wedding

My little sister became engaged last July and announced that she would be married this summer. As a teacher, a summer wedding best fits with the school calendar and the nuptials were held in South Carolina on 2 July. Given the date…I could take W & G and be at risk of being unable to get W back into the UK, or leave them behind. Given the choices, we opted for the second. Hence, W was just 9 weeks during my first overnight trip–and I was across an ocean rather than across state lines. Needless to say, it was a teary goodbye.

I expressed milk every 3 hours at every turn along the 72 hour jaunt. Fun, fun 🙂 But, if anyone ever needs tips on pumping in the loo in flight, I’m your girl…

In all seriousness, it was a lot of fun! My sister and her husband had a small wedding on the beach and everything went as planned. Upon returning to the UK, some said that I seemed surprised that my sister had pulled things off…in hindsight, I was! To my mind, she’ll always be the 9 year old that I left behind upon moving off to college…

Well done to Kellie & Patrick Johnson…may you find marriage to be a true treasure and never-ending pipeline of fun [interspersed with only enough worry to make you appreciate the good times]. We love you!

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