Almost Citizens!

Many of you will remember that upon announcing that we were moving to the UK 5 years ago, we planned to move abroad for ‘a year or maybe two at most’. Thereafter, we loved it here more than we expected and decided to stay a bit longer…and then a another bit…and here we are now, 5 years in. And so, we’ve decided to stay for citizenship (provided the UK will have us). And today we’ve finally been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain–we’re now just one step away from Citizenship. YAY!

As part of this, W (and any future children) will also have dual citizenship and all the rights and privileges that come with it–mainly the chance to live wherever we/they wish within the European Union (as well as the UK). In fact, W will be granted his British citizenship this fall! Well before G and I.

So, today’s a big day for us. Who would have dreamed that this would’ve been true. Me, a Virginia farm girl, having never traveled outside the US (not counting Canada) before 2004. And G, who decided to be a Bradley Scholar over applying to become a Rhodes Scholar as he ‘didn’t want to live in the UK’.

We’re quite literally an ocean apart from the McMansion and stead which we might have dreamed for ourselves upon our marriage 10 years ago. Just goes to show that ‘life plans’ are made to change…thank you to our family and friends for being so supportive as our plans have evolved.

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