The Phone Has Fangs.

Funny thing. Talking to a friend on the phone today made me realize that we’ve only received a few (like 3) calls from the US since we arrived in the UK. G’s parents have braved the treacherous, scary waters of calling abroad, but others have found the prospect quite daunting and intimidating…or, perhaps, everyone just learned we’re much more responsive to e-mail.
Regardless, not so long ago, we, too, were intimidated by the prospect of calling abroad. Living in the US, you never have to call outside…and when you do, you’ve made a serious (and costly) mistake. [Like the time that I accidentally called Honduras when I was five…sorry, again, M&D.]

SO. We’d love to chat with you. To help, we signed up for a free international calling plan (we can make outgoing calls to the US for free). If you ever want to chat with us, just send us an e-mail and we’ll give you a call back!

Or, if you’d like to call us, here’s a link to a previous post with calling instructions for UK numbers.

It’s really very easy…I promise it won’t bite 🙂

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