Three Exams Down and A Successful Interview!


My life has been quite boring with a singular focus over the last couple weeks–STUDY! Well, study mixed with burn-out “Office” marathons to let my brain have a rest. And I took a break on Saturday to go out with a friend for her bachelorette downtown (photo to right, our friend Lindsey, the bachelorette, is on the lower right in the photo).But, hopefully my studies paid off today as I took 3 exams…only 3 to go! And provided that I don’t go back for another degree, Wednesday’s exams could be my last…fingers crossed I’ll pass!

On another front, good news! I don’t want to jinx it, but I believe that I had a great interview with Euro RSCG this afternoon (part of Havas. claims  to be part of the 3rd largest ad network in Europe, the 5th in the WORLD!). You know that G and I are gluttons for punishment…there’s nothing like grouping extremely successful events together for a little excitement 🙂

Now, back to my studies…

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