Old Friends


G and I have been blessed with visits from old friends this week. Andy and Chiaki arrived in town Friday and Toni-Ann and Chris arrived Sunday. Having friends in town has made for a busy, but fun week. We’ve:

  • Toured the Tower of London
  • Had Mussels at Belgo Centraal
  • Frequented local pubs
  • Enjoyed a full English breakfast
  • Got into WIMBLEDON!!! And scored Centre Court Tickets…
  • Walked about Central London to see the sights
  • Orbited on the London Eye
  • Toured St. Paul’s
  • Experienced West End Live complete with the Pink Panther and Bat Mobile
  • Visited the Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Saw Fiddler on the Roof
  • And *Fingers Crossed* The Complete Abridged Works of Shakespeare
  • Enjoyed Tea at the Hungarian Tea Room in Hampstead
  • Had the Best Burgers EVER (my opinion 🙂 in Camden Town

Having friends in town has been great fun. Two by two, we’re sad to see our friends leave town. But, the good news is that we’ll see Andy & Chiaki again this weekend on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. We planned our trips independent of one another, how small world.Look for a separate post on Wimbledon…

See more photos from our week with friends…

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