Small, very small, world

Today, I was walking toward the Hampstead Heath Overland train station when an aparition appeared. From the opposite direction walked a friend from G and I’s Disciple I course in Cary. At first, I thought I was out of my mind, but then my suspicion was confirmed. Sarah and her husband and two children from Genesis Methodist Church in Cary are in town to visit the International Jamboree (going on in the UK at present) and were spending a bit of time in London during their visit. Unfortunately, I was on my way to the train to make an afternoon appointment and wasn’t able to offer them much time (the frustrating bit is that my train was cancelled when I made it to the station! I could have offered them way more time). I’ve given them my contact information, hopefully we’ll be able to get together for a bit of a visit while they’re in town. Fingers crossed that they’ll call…Fun coincidences confirm that it’s a very small world.

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