Shark Bite

So…a few weeks ago, I gently but hesitantly placed my pinkie toe in the job search waters. Today, a great white jumped out and bit my ***.

I had a first interview with a major, recognized, global branding agency at 10AM, left their office at 11:10 and had a ring back to schedule a second interview (for this afternoon) within an hour. The second went well and I was offered the research position.
While not full time or permanent (though it may lead to an eventual full-time position), I would be working as the right hand to the Global Chief Strategy Officer with a promised reference or job at project-end in two months’ time (provided I don’t screw up). Should I cut my “freedom” short? I’m leaning toward yes as my lax schedule has become a bit boring of late…one can only take so much perezhilton, days at Primrose Hill and Starbucks, reading of partnership literature and phone interviews (both for my dissertation).

This would make the “begin work in October” vs. “wait until after G’s sister’s wedding in late October” decision much easier…and the day-rate’s not bad. Best of all, my potential boss understands that I may get a full-time position elsewhere between now and project-end and is open to my continuing to interview–provided I give him first right to counter any offers.

I’ll keep you posted…

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