Surprised in Switzerland


G’s parents and I have been scheming for some months now in order to surprise G in honor of his 30th un-birthday (6 month birthday)…the plan was for me to plan a weekend trip to Switzerland and to clue G in on the un-birthday celebration, but to leave out the bit about his parents joining us…we kept the secret for at least 4 months (maybe 5?) until G and I were followed onto the vernicular (or cable car lift) in Lauterbrunnen by G’s parents Friday evening. G was shocked speakless! Mission accomplished.


We had un-birthday cake, stood atop the Schilthorn and Jungfrau (10K ft and 11k ft respectively) with clouds and glaciers underfoot and hiked amongst beautiful wildflowers and milk cows. We also had our fill of cheese fondue and racklett (anyone know how to spell it?). Most importantly, we had a great time catching up since it had been 10 months since we last saw one another.

PLEASE click here for additional photos…Switzerland is quite possibly the most gorgeous place we’ve been…click through to see more (even if you don’t usually)–but don’t be surprised if they inspire you to begin planning your Swiss adventure (yes, that’s our hidden agenda).

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