Lord Mayor’s Show


Today was fun! We went into the City to see the Lord Mayor’s Day Parade (a procession taking him to get the Queen’s blessing to carry-on), went out for a nice Italian meal and headed down to the Thames to see fireworks to celebrate the day. Ahhh…we LOVE London. Fireworks are my FAVORITE. And this week has been full of them…Guy Fawkes weekend last week (3 nights of Fireworks!) and now Dwali (Indian Holiday celebrated with Fireworks) and Lord Mayor’s…it’s dreamy!


Then, we capped the day by going to visit G’s iPhone at the Apple Store. That’s an entirely different story that I’ll allow G to post. But we did end up leaving with nice speakers for our flat. Now, we’re not limited to the low sound that the MacBook can achieve independently. YAY! Neighbors be warned 🙂


This weekend is also Remembrance Day…the UK equivalent to Veteran’s Day…they honor those who have served (and or died in service) with poppies, crosses and ceremonies.

See additional photos from the day.  

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