Will They iPhone?

As K mentioned, my phone dilemma at work is a bit different from hers.

I have been thinking about getting an iPhone for several months. I considered buying one in the States a couple weeks ago, but the UK launch was right around the corner — so I waited. K has been encouraging me to get it despite the fact it is a bit of a luxury. My last couple phones have been very basic/cheap, so it would be a welcome upgrade.

I had talked myself into it and was finally planning to buy one this weekend. I mentioned it at work last week when I learned that my company may be buying everyone phones. And not just phones, but iPhones (our CEO really wants an iPhone too). We are in the midst of finalizing our second round of funding, so we have to wait until that is completed first (and make sure the investors are in agreement). We are a mobile services company, so it is justified, but it could be a month before we know. And, it may not happen.

So, we visited the Apple store this weekend and I drooled instead of purchased. Can I wait another month for a company iPhone? I’ll do my best.

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