Krakow: Home to Pope John Paul II


What’s in Poland? That’s a question I was frequently asked following the MBA trip to G’dansk in February. So, I’m assuming that friends here will ask the same, again.Here’s a short answer for those at home who may have the same burning question.


First, Poland is home to hard working people who have stuck together through oppressive regimes and tumultuous times. Second, potatoes, beets, cabbage, pierogi (stuffed pasta without sauce), and lots of fish & pickles. And–many Polish would say–most importantly Pope John Paul II.


In the case of Krakow, I would also add a wonderful artistic undercurrent to that list. During communism–and before–Krakow was a place where those with an eye for art would go. Whether for formal schooling, or to be with their peers, the same is still true. The city is home to numerous art schools and students and faculty alike keep the town’s galleries well supplied.


We enjoyed a weekend away in Krakow. We explored the town’s historic Old Town and the Christmas Market in Market Square, explored the GORGEOUS St. Francis Basilica (Pope John Paul II’s home church when he served as Archbishop of Krakow before becoming Pope–and home to ‘in our opinion’ the most amazing stained glass we’ve seen), made our way to Wawel Hill–home to Wawel Cathedral (Poland’s National Cathedral) where Pope John Paul II served when Archbishop of Krakow. And we also walked the way of Krakow’s Jewish population…from Kazimierz to Podgorze (a walled enclave where Jews were made to work during World War II). Part and parcel, Schindler’s Factory (ala Schindler’s List).


To see additional photos from Krakow, click here.

Now, we’re back in London and readying ourselves for the rest of the week ahead. This weekend, we’ll gather a few more supplies for our trip to India–like mosquito spray. We leave on 22 December. G and I had our shots last week (6 each…eek!). And we’ll start on our malaria pills this weekend. Fingers crossed for another drama-free trip…

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