Action-Packed Weekend

This weekend, G and I made up for lost time (I was out of town for most of the week). We headed out for drinks at the Savoy on Friday, we wanted to see it before it closes for renovation just after the start of the year. It was gorgeous–and we had champagne to celebrate my first official paycheck! YAY!


Today, we ran a few errands independently and then headed out to the Transportation Museum which reopened a little over a week ago. Now, we can say–honestly—that we know how the tube lines were dug and the timeline for their development. It was a nice exhibit.


Next, we were off to festive Covent Garden to listen to the buskers, have a latte and to shop at the holiday stalls. I found a beautiful Murano glass pendant–ode to japanese cherry blossoms—and as we were leaving, we noticed a performer and stopped to see the show. An acrobat was attached to a glowing hot-air balloon doing twists and turns above Covent Garden (see photo at right).

THEN, as we were on our way to our favorite sushi place for dinner, we coincidentally passed a Mexican place a friend had mentioned last week. We stopped into Cafe Pacifico, instead, and YUM! We’re SO excited to have Mexican in London now…And we ended the night with a show. As luck would have it, we went to see RENT on World Aid’s Day.

What’s up where you are?

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