Benelux Business Trip & SNOW


Late this week, I traveled on business–I flew out to Amsterdam for a business meeting in Amstelveen on Thursday morning, drove with my clients south (~3 hours) through Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium for an overnight stay and then off to neighboring Brussels, Belgium for an Online [Marketing] Training Session (me leading, eek!) all day Friday before heading back to London that night. It was a whirlwind trip–and I didn’t necessarily see much having so much travel and car time in my short stay. But, it was very cool to sit in my Amstelveen business meeting–observing the canals and ducks just outside the conference room windows and seeing all the casual cyclists with their market goods heading home on their upright bikes.I’m very excited that G & I will meet G’s parents for a few days in the Netherlands later this month. From my first introduction this week, I can feel it will be a favorite…

Wanted to give you a little reason to feel proud of your choice to live wherever you find yourself. This morning, we woke up to SNOW, lots of big snowflakes fell here in London today. We’ll be lucky to get up to 40 degrees…it’s FREEZING out. The photos at the right were taken in Belsize Park [our village] and out of back window…

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