Amongst the Fields of BROCCOLI?

This was a travel week for me…work sent me to Munich to lead two full day online marketing training sessions for my client’s local team leads. The sessions went very well…three seperate attendees listed me as one of their three ‘high points’ from the sessions. I made sure to send those notes along to my boss 🙂

For these sessions, I’m traveling along with a colleague from our traditional (print and broadcast) agency. It’s a way to bring him up to speed on online while allowing me someone to share presenting responsibilities with. Have to give him credit as I picked this week’s hotel…on the up side, it was very near the client site. But I’ve learned the hard way that I need to review the Web sites of hotels our agent recommends. We were in the middle of nowhere…an adorable little town outside of Fieldkirchen (where my client’s office is). Luckily the best restaurant in town was straight across the two lane road from our small, homey (somewhat homely) hotel…and upon waking in the morning, I realized the hotel was nestled amongst fields of broccoli that went on as far as the horizon…thankfully my colleague was a good sport and played up the place’s merits citing the excellent Bavarian cuisine across the street and the fields of green…Eek!
So, if ever you wonder where they really grow broccoli…I have at least one place in mind…

Then, this weekend, G and I went clubbing with a friend for his 30th and met up with a couple old friends from NC as they prepared to travel back to the States after a European jaunt.

On Thursday of this week, G and I will fly to Amsterdam to meet G’s parents for an extended weekend adventure. On Monday, G will head back to London while I carry on my ‘tour of Europe’ with a face to face planning session with a German client in Frankfurt on Monday/Tuesday and another installation of the online training in Paris on Wednesday. All this travel’s not helping my gym stats, but my passport’s certainly getting a workout 🙂

Look for photos and updates when I return from Paris next Wednesday–or earlier if G’s time allows.

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