Work Out Update

So…after four weeks of tracking my daily workout schedule, I’ve hit a crossroads. As part of the incentive program G and I agreed, I am able to have a floating start date for the program, but have to declare the start date within one month. So, I’m left in a quandry tonight.

Here’s how things currently stand:

Week 1: 3 times: Average 3

Week 2: 2 times (food poisoning, ick): Average 2.5

Week 3: 2 times (business travel): Average 2.3

Week 4: 4 times: Average 2.75

If I average working out 3 times per week over the 3 month period, we’ll purchase a pair of earrings I’ve been wanting. And for an average of 4, we’ll purchase (instead) the necklace. And, finally, for an average of 5 times per week we’ll purchase both.

After the first month, I realize that an average of 5 times per week is not realizable without some major lifestyle adjustments (can’t workout when we travel—our hotels are too cheap to have a gym–would have to get up early in the am to workout on travel days and when we have plans at night :)). And to be fair, I don’t think working out 5 times per week would be great for my body, either–bad for the knees. So, I’m left with the earrings OR the pendant.

And here’s where our incentive plan breaks down. Since our joint funds would purchase the incentive and the earrings cost less than the necklace, that little voice in my head is telling me that going for the necklace is a bit selfish–an extravagance. If you add that little voice to the other one that says ‘It’s cold and raining outside, don’t go’ or ‘my cutie workout outfit is dirty, maybe I’ll go tomorrow instead’, it’s pretty hard to beat.
So, do I keep the first four weeks, or declare last week (the week with 4 workouts) as my start? Hmmm…

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