Turkeys and Street Markets

Last weekend, we had our first proper Thanksgiving since we moved to London. Our friend Marca and her husband Allan hosted us at their lovely flat in Shepherd’s Bush (west London). We had turkey, stuffing, squash tart (YUM!), parsnips, green beans, incredible gravy, waldorf salad (with lettuce?), pumpkin pie, my mom’s pumpkin roll, pecan pie. It was so nice to have such a grand meal again!


On Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree and we immediately felt festive. Our first year in London, we bought a tree. And went to IKEA to buy inexpensive ornaments. I think the lights and the ornaments together cost £10–calling the tree fancy is a stretch. But thanks to IKEA and the Chinese, at least it’s full 🙂


And we have gathered a few fun ornaments during our travels since we arrived in London. One of Santa on a Flying Goose from Brugges (Belgium), 3 Wise Men Smokers from Nurnberg Christmas Market (the largest in Germany), Fluffy Sheep (Dingle, Ireland), a fragile Glass Nutcraker (Rothenburg, Germany), a Mary & Jesus Egg (Moscow) and a View of Home (thank you, Lewis!). And we’ve recently added a handmade Christmas Star ornament made by the Massai in Tanzania. To see photos of our ‘special’ ornaments (not those from Ikea :)), click here.


And this weekend, we ventured out for a little festive cheer at the German-style Christmas Market at Hyde Park. They had little chalet style bungalows (just like German markets!) with chocolate covered fruit sticks, magical felt hats in bright colours, mulled wine, bratwurst stands, wooden christmas crafts, and carnival rides (Oktoberfest style)…all the usuals!


Over the last couple days, we’ve written our Christmas cards! Coming soon to mailboxes near you…and we’ve slept A LOT! G’s feeling a bit under the weather and I’ve had long hours at work this week (my boss is out on holiday…7 people from our team of 18 were out on Tuesday…it’s been mad!)–I guess both our bodies needed a little beauty sleep. 🙂

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