Our Big Day…

…was SO long ago. But luckily enough our love is still green 🙂 If only our photos were as ripe for the picking…

Our British friends are mostly single (people here get married much later). So, as they begin to make the foray down the aisle, the conversation turns to our wedding day. Some are curious and at times it would be nice to have a couple photos of the day to share.


But our wedding lives in the Storage unit… 🙁

Money was tight at the ages of 23 and 24. We paid for the wedding and couldn’t afford tons of photos. So we concentrated on filling a wedding album for us and bought photos of our parents for frames.


Those photos of our parents are the ones that now grace our London flat (hint…we need new professional photos of you all–we’ve been married 8 years!) We were married before digital photography took hold –How nice it would be to have some key photos from the day transferred to our digital collection.

So, I’ve contacted our photographer to check the options. At the time of our wedding we couldn’t afford to purchase the negatives outright. Has anyone else had success in negotiating for their negatives so long after the day? And has anyone had experience in getting their film photos transferred to digital? Jim, perhaps? I know it’s possible–we used to do it all the time at the agency. But I remember it being expensive…any negotiating tips (for use with the photographer) would be greatly appreciated 🙂

[Note: photos above are from our honeymoon]

Late breaking news…G found a couple old scans from our wedding annoucements! YAY!

MORE LATE BREAKING NEWS: Our photographer has agreed to sell us the negatives for an incredibly reasonable price since our wedding was so long ago. Hmmm…now for finding the negatives a home.
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