A Mid-winter Update

Last Saturday…and Sunday…and Monday were lazy ones. K came down with a nasty stomach flu and was on Jello (known as Jelly here?) and tea all weekend. Not fun.

But now, we’re back on track. Kind of. This week was a crazy one.  In December, K’s global account was put out for pitch. There are three parts of K’s client’s business that her firm currently handles–online advertising creative development, of course, which is K’s remit. Online advertising production/localization–also K’s remit. With the third being Web development. The two parts of the global business K works on are up for pitch and have been so since December.

K’s team scored the highest of any region worldwide on their client’s scorecard in the third quarter. An impressive 91%. And she was also called out as one of three regional contributors or note by her clients. Now for the downside. The business is run from the firm’s NY office–which earned a 60% on the same report card 🙁 If the global client’s not happy, no one’s happy. And as a result, the creative account was opened to an agency roster rather than the previous retained agency model–the announcement was made official last week. And K and her programme manager had to announce to employees (since K’s boss and the exec team of her firm were out of town at a leadership conference).

Now for a spot of good news. Down to the London office’s efforts over the last year, her firm was offered an opportunity to re-pitch for the global production work (where the majority of the revenue comes from anyhow). The chemistry check was held in the London office (with the LDN office representing the entire global network) Thursday. And K’s client–whom she LOVES working with–is on the panel of three client reviewers/negotiators. With any luck, they’ll be able to keep the business. Fingers crossed…and any spare prayers would be appreciated.

K loves her firm and the culture there and doesn’t want to make a move. Hopefully all will work out and she won’t be forced into the job market in this economic climate… Her review is also next week and she’s up for a promotion…fingers crossed on that front, as well that whatever’s decided puts her in the most advantageous position internally to weather the storm. Everyone (her boss in particular) seems to be looking out for her, but again prayers and positive thoughts never hurt.

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