Family Week at Smith Mountain Lake


We don’t often take the time to enjoy the best that our hometowns have to offer…you take it for granted because you can see the attractions in your own backyard any time you want, right? Well…that’s true until you decide to move to London.We spent last week exploring my hometown…from visiting with family and friends to boating and tubing on Smith Mountain Lake, we had the perfect mix of stress-free fun and relaxation. And good quality time with K’s family before heading abroad.

We took the scenic route from SML to DC today–roaming along country roads and stopping to pick peaches—though they were closed 🙁 —and lunching in Charlottesville before arriving in DC late in the day.

We’re both very fortunate to have loving and supportive families. And we’re thankful for all the opportunities that they’ve given us and the love they’ve shown us through the years, but our deep connection with our families make the goodbyes especially heartfelt and emotional…the last week visiting with my family was wonderful, but it was very difficult to leave SML knowing that I can’t simply hop in the car and be there at a moment’s notice.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Kellie and Patrick for a wonderful week together.

This week, we’re off to visit G’s grandparents. Tomorrow, we’re flying to Oklahoma for a few days and will end our week in Utica, NY before flying back to DC on Friday. We’d love to hear the latest news in your lives…

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