Our Travel “By Plane, Ship & Automobile Week”

Wow. We’ve had a whirlwind of a week traveling about visiting family and friends. We’ve been in 5 states since Monday and will head out for Bermuda (by ship) tomorrow. It’s been a great week, but we’re exhausted!


We started our week at SML where we said tearful goodbyes to K’s family and then headed up to Annandale before flying out on Tuesday morning for Blackwell, Oklahoma–G’s maternal grandparent’s home. While there we ventured about with G’s grandparents seeing some of the local sites–like the standing bear memorial (see statue photo). And we were also treated to a family fish fry with uncles, aunts, and cousins. Yum! Fun!
We then left Oklahoma on Thursday morning to head to Utica, NY to visit G’s fraternal grandad before flying back to BWI on Friday evening. G’s parents were kind enough to shuffle us to airports along the way and help out in other ways in order to keep us going. We’re thankful for their help.

And our friends, Toni-Ann and Chris, invited a few of our friends from the area over to celebrate the upcoming move tonight in Baltimore. Double Yum and Fun!

We’ve had a great time visiting family and friends across the country this week, but will settle onto the cruise ship for Bermuda tomorrow afternoon for a bit of R&R before the big move. A much needed respite before the storm…

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