Star Gazing

In the Neightborhood

Perhaps I have been living under a rock, but apparently there is a popular celebrity named Gwenyth Paltrow. Apparently she also lives on our street. Well, that is according to a number of our friends who keep telling us this.

I am generally not up on the “news” like K is, but was still intrigued with the idea. So, we did a bit of research and while we couldn’t find an address, we did find a picture of Ms. Paltrow’s home which is well documented as in Belsize Park. With a simple stroll down the street this weekend, we could compare and determine which house is hers.

Unfortunately, we quickly realized that the style of homes on our street didn’t quite match that in the picture. Alas, we don’t live next to Gwenyth Paltrow after all.

On the Town

It turns out that movie premiers in the UK are often at Leicester Square just two blocks away from my office. K was showing me pictures of Brad and Angelina on the square just a couple weeks ago for the Beowulf premier. For almost a year, I have been working almost next door to celebrities walking down the red carpet and haven’t noticed. So, tonight I decided to crawl out from under my rock and go take a peek.

I wandered over toward Leicester Square where I heard crowds screaming “Nicole! Nicole!” and then a brief pause followed by more screams. As I approached the back of the crowd, I stretched to see above the heads and outstretched cameras in front of me. I got a glimpse of a red coat and blond hair.

The series of screams and pauses repeated as I continued to work my way along the back of the crowd hoping for a better view. Finally I found a break — there across the way was Nicole Kidman. She finished signing a few autographs and returned toward the center of the red carpet. The screams from fans on all sides peaked again calling for Nicole to head their way.

Standing three people deep on the opposite side, I was totally unprepared. I had no camera and nothing to sign; I just stood and watched, basking in the novelty of seeing a movie star in person. Just then she turned and headed my way. She reached the fence just five feet in front of me and stopped to greet the fans signing autographs.

I would have to say, not bad for a first movie premier. However, next time, I will be sure to bring a camera so I can post pictures for you.

For this evening, that is enough of the stars — I am now off to the Apollo for a little moon gazing.

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